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RMA – Music & Phil Study Group: A Conference Paper

Yet another opportunity for a public-access style conference video! I was grateful to share this talk as part of a panel called “Music, ‘Art’ and the White Racial Frame: Aesthetics and Critical Race Theory,” organized by the Royal Music Association’s Music and Philosophy Study Group. My talk, entitled “Decolonizing Ontological and Epistemological Assumptions of InstitutionalContinue reading “RMA – Music & Phil Study Group: A Conference Paper”

Social Justice/Decolonizing Music Discussion Group

The “Decolonizing Music Study” seminar I’m presently leading at CWRU has been fantastic in fomenting ideas in our small class setting. So good, in fact, that I want to invite anyone in the Cleveland area regardless of institutional affiliation to get in on this conversation, either addressing course content or branching out to related topics. AndContinue reading “Social Justice/Decolonizing Music Discussion Group”

Teaching a New Course: Social Justice & Decolonization in Music Study

Informed by recent demands of social justice movements and shifts in popular culture, some academic departments are doubling down on their work addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. This can manifest as the diversification of a department through changes in hiring practices, “decolonizing” one’s syllabus, celebrating Pride month, and hanging conspicuous BLM posters around campus. WhileContinue reading “Teaching a New Course: Social Justice & Decolonization in Music Study”


(a conference paper) Continuing my spate of public-access-style conference papers, here’s my recent one for this year’s online conference for the International Association for the Study of Popular Music-US (IASPM-US), held in May 2021. I’m interested more and more in how our embodied communal archive of musical practices (memory, affect, imagination) is connected to theContinue reading “JAZZ IS (un)DEAD”

“Jazz is a Four-Letter Word” The Conference Paper

Hey all – here’s another conference presentation, this time for the American Musicological Society’s Annual Conference. It’s all online this year which has turned us musicologists into low-budget public access television producers. Here’s my contribution: “Payton vs. ‘Jazz’: Unpacking the Racialized Power Dynamics of an Instagram Meme.” You can checkout the full transcript of myContinue reading ““Jazz is a Four-Letter Word” The Conference Paper”

Kluth’s Big Bibliography of “Decolonizing Music Studies” Resources

Hey y’all – if you land on this page and have texts, websites, videos, and/or opinions to add to the conversation about decolonizing music studies, I want to hear about it. Please follow the link to add to my in-progress Big Bibliography of “Decolonizing Music Studies” Resources. The bib isn’t “big” yet, but it’s aContinue reading “Kluth’s Big Bibliography of “Decolonizing Music Studies” Resources”

#MUSICOLOGYPARTY: Thundercat & Louis Cole & Metamodernism Oh My

I was chuffed to give a colloquium paper for CWRU’s Department of Music colloquium series on September 11, 2020. As I chose to talk about super self-indulgent things I like, the talk was called: Pet Projects and Pet Theories: Notes on the Metamodern Love and Despair of Thundercat and Louis Cole. I’ve been a fanContinue reading “#MUSICOLOGYPARTY: Thundercat & Louis Cole & Metamodernism Oh My”

Somnambulist Notes #2

The same night I’d scribbled about bad faith in racialized musical borrowing, I wrote about my own disengagement with imagination and art. I love art. I love and believe in the power of imagination. But I am beaaaat down right now by the logic of the society of the spectacle; this Black Mirror crap that’sContinue reading “Somnambulist Notes #2”


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