These are mostly notes for myself to come back to.

But you can read them, too.

Somnambulist Notes #2

The same night I’d scribbled about bad faith in racialized musical borrowing, I wrote about my own disengagement with imagination and art. I love art. I love and believe in the power of imagination. But I am beaaaat down right now by the logic of the society of the spectacle; this Black Mirror crap that’sContinue reading “Somnambulist Notes #2”

Somnambulist Notes #1

A super bright student hit me up the other day regarding his feeling of cringe while listening to some “jazz” music recently – he was trying to get a handle on his intuition of some kind of bad faith with regard to racial appropriation and the mess of things that go along with that. OfContinue reading “Somnambulist Notes #1”

Summer 2020 FML/FTW

For reasons unknowable to me my previous website hosting service dissolved, taking with it a decade of content. It was an uneven decade in any case, so this has proven cathartic and plays into that old Heraclitean truism that the only constant in life is change. I’m into it. The end of summer 2020 isContinue reading “Summer 2020 FML/FTW”

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