“Toward a Different Kind of Horizon”

I’m excited about this. Get your FREE TICKETS HERE: Painting and design by Aaron D. Williams I’ve been planning a Cleveland concert event that’s coming up in less than two weeks. Here’s how it started. In April of 2022 I flew to NYC to attend the Time Zone Protocols Unconference at The New School inContinue reading ““Toward a Different Kind of Horizon””

SAM ’23 Conference Paper

I learned a lot presenting ongoing research related to my “What is this Revenant Called “Jazz”?” project at the Society for American Music 49th Annual Conference this week. SAM is such a great conference – much love and thanks go those in attendance for their generative comments and questions. Check out these links to theContinue reading “SAM ’23 Conference Paper”

Still Processing NYC Winter Jazzfest

In early January I had the flash of realization that this year’s NYC Winter Jazzfest occurred the weekend immediately before classes began at CWRU. This meant that if I was quick about it, I could actually get to NYC for a few days to check out this amazing event for the first time in years,Continue reading “Still Processing NYC Winter Jazzfest”

A 2018 Recording With Philipp Hermann

I was digging through a hard drive looking for some stems from an old recording session and came across something unrelated I hadn’t heard in a while. While living in Erfurt, Germany a few years back I became friends with Philipp Hermann, an excellent pianist and composer. We used to play duo a lot, justContinue reading “A 2018 Recording With Philipp Hermann”

Guested on a few recent records: Kyle Kidd, RA Washington & Jah Nada

Two new records I was fortunate to contribute to are seeing release this season: Soothsayer by Kyle Kidd and In Search of Our Father’s Gardens by RA Washington and Jah Nada. So much love for these folks. So much gratitude to be in this community of artists. Kidd’s Soothsayer (American Dreams 2022) is a bangerContinue reading “Guested on a few recent records: Kyle Kidd, RA Washington & Jah Nada”

CWRU Colloquium: “What is this Revenant Called Jazz?”

Read a transcript of this presentation HERE View a PDF of the presentation slideshow HERE Please join the CWRU Department of Music this Friday, September 9th at 4:00 PM EST in the Harkness Chapel classroom for our first installment in this semester’s Colloquium Series. Our very own AJ Kluth will be presenting a talk entitledContinue reading “CWRU Colloquium: “What is this Revenant Called Jazz?””

On the Productive Efficacy of Stillness-as-Listening: Perspectives from the Humanities

I wrote this short piece for a medical journal CFP as a kind of primer for STEM-minded folks interested in perspectives on the efficacy of listening. It got rejected (so it goes) and I don’t have the energy to try to place it elsewhere. But I kind of liked it, so, here are 1,484 wordsContinue reading “On the Productive Efficacy of Stillness-as-Listening: Perspectives from the Humanities”