A 2018 Recording With Philipp Hermann

I was digging through a hard drive looking for some stems from an old recording session and came across something unrelated I hadn’t heard in a while. While living in Erfurt, Germany a few years back I became friends with Philipp Hermann, an excellent pianist and composer. We used to play duo a lot, just hanging out at his studio in Lange Brücke or on Sunday mornings at this cool cafe/venue called Franz Mehlhose. One day he brought a new ballad he’d written for his partner called “Her.” We recorded a quick take – just meeting the tune for the first time. It was great to stumble across this recording of that tune from July, 2018 – really brought me back to that time in my life.

Philipp Hermanns “Her,” Juli 2018 – PH Klavier, AJK Saxophon
Philipp and I at Franz Mehlhose in 2018

In any case, I was excited to see that Philipp’s in Münster now and has moved more into composing for larger ensembles and electronics, making moody, atmospheric music for “films yet to be made.” Compelling stuff, to be sure. I’m excited to hear his soon-to-be released record, Moving, and look forward to making music with him again some time down the road.

Philipp Hermann

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