Social Justice/Decolonizing Music Discussion Group

The “Decolonizing Music Study” seminar I’m presently leading at CWRU has been fantastic in fomenting ideas in our small class setting. So good, in fact, that I want to invite anyone in the Cleveland area regardless of institutional affiliation to get in on this conversation, either addressing course content or branching out to related topics. And though we’re nearly halfway through the semester, I figure there’s no reason the conversation has to be bound by the syllabus or university calendar.

To that end, myself and our course’s Graduate Teaching Assistant, Rafique Illyas-Watson, are holding informal time from 1-3pm in the atrium of the Cleveland Art Museum on Fridays from now until at least December (likely beyond) for anybody that’d like to hang out and talk about these topics. Here’s a LINK to a Google Folder with the syllabus and all of the course readings. Check it out, be in touch, and come through!

I’m particularly interested in how we might–in this community–move from growing critical consciousness to praxis. And if you’re doing something related in the area – please be in touch. I want to learn from/with you!

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