Kluth’s Big Bibliography of “Decolonizing Music Studies” Resources

Hey y’all – if you land on this page and have texts, websites, videos, and/or opinions to add to the conversation about decolonizing music studies, I want to hear about it. Please follow the link to add to my in-progress Big Bibliography of “Decolonizing Music Studies” Resources. The bib isn’t “big” yet, but it’s a start. Here’s the copy/pasted text at the top of the document – please contribute if you’ve got resources. And share!

Hello, friends! 

Thanks for engaging in the projects of anti-racism, anti-capitalism, and (perhaps) abolition with me. I feel late to the party with this conversation and am finding it most helpful to work with friends and colleagues as we learn from (and with) one another. To that end, I thought I’d begin for myself a sort of stockpile of resources for my own reference, but for yours, too. Hopefully this is one more resource along the way toward the building of coalitions in music study that work for theoretical, ideological, and practical changes. We must do more than talk about equity, diversity, and inclusion – we must do equity, diversity, and inclusion. Please feel free to add resources to these categories (heck, add categories!) and use them in your own research and organizing work. Let’s crowdsource good stuff!

Be in touch. And as always, looking forward. 


Also, YES to abolition. It just makes sense. Don’t listen to me – listen to Ruth Wilson Gilmore for 10 minutes. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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