Summer 2020 FML/FTW

For reasons unknowable to me my previous website hosting service dissolved, taking with it a decade of content. It was an uneven decade in any case, so this has proven cathartic and plays into that old Heraclitean truism that the only constant in life is change. I’m into it. The end of summer 2020 is already in sight as the impending academic year is demanding new syllabi and sussing out how to engage with whatever “dual delivery” teaching is. In the mean time I’m modulating my expectations regarding what I thought my writing output would be this summer. With at least three recalcitrant article manuscripts between 70-95% completed, they’re daring me finish them in the coming weeks before fall semester. Is one’s desk ever really cleaned off? FWIW, hit me up if you wanna talk about sound studies, hermeneutics and the ethics of listening, utopias, abolitionism, theories of post-postmodernity, experimental musics, saxophone or guitar nerdery, or whatever. I want to hear your ideas. Help me out of this echo chamber of my silo-ed ideas. Looking forward.

In any case, I’m feeling fortunate: healthy, employed, surrounded by good people. Looking forward to a post-Covid-19 world that again includes making lots of music and bars and restaurants. Miss you all, xo.

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