Somnambulist Notes #2

The same night I’d scribbled about bad faith in racialized musical borrowing, I wrote about my own disengagement with imagination and art. I love art. I love and believe in the power of imagination. But I am beaaaat down right now by the logic of the society of the spectacle; this Black Mirror crap that’s comprising contemporary life. Sleeping AJ wrote this:

Ideology only works because it relies on our faculty of imagination. Imagination is the glue that holds together all this non-identity of the experienced world and the one we understand as narratively coherent. So, imagination is the way to fuck it up, then, too. You already know this. Roger made you read so much Ricoeur about it. 

You already write about this all the time. Why don’t you take it seriously?

– sleeping AJ

Seriously. Good Question. It feels so much bigger than me. But I’m working on it.

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