Chris Potter on Standards

Potter is one of the most important saxophonists of our time.

Working with these transcriptions has bettered my technique, added to my vocabulary, and informed how I approach playing standards.

– AJ Kluth

This 2nd Edition is 78 pages long and features an introduction, biography, and discography of the tunes transcribed.

Download a PDF for $12 – the price of buying me an expensive sandwich. I like sandwiches, thanks!

Tunes include:

“Solar” – Introducing Chris Potter (alto)
“You and the Night and the Music” – Concentric Circles (alto)
“Giant Steps” – Concord Duo Series Vol. 10 (tenor)
“The Source” – Gratitude (tenor)
“High Noon” – Gratitude (tenor)
“Body and Soul” – Gratitude (bass clarinet or tenor)
“Star Eyes” – Gratitude (alto)
“Children Go” – Traveling Mercies (tenor)
“7.5” – Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard (tenor)
“Stella by Starlight” – Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard (tenor)


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