1. 1) Byrnes & Kluth, Improvisation | September, 2016 0:00

  2. 2) Wintermute @ Goodbye Blue Monday, Improvisation | May, 2013 0:00

  3. 3) L'Orchestre Super Vitesse, 0:00

  4. 4) Lost | Circa 2009 0:00

1) In September of 2016 I had the pleasure of making some music with prolific Los Angeles drummer (and all around solid dude) Ted Byrnes. This is an iPhone documentation of some "Hi there, nice to meet you" improvisational music making in a Pasadena shed. Ted's a beast.

2) Pianist, mad scientist, and theorist Gerrit Roessler and myself (and sometimes percussionist Cory Healey) had a group in Brooklyn, NY called Wintermute. Here's a dreamy, hour-long improvised set at Brooklyn's now-defunct Goodbye Blue Monday some time around May, 2013. 

3) Antonio Carella (guitar) drafted me into playing with a bunch of great Chicago musicians sometime around 2010. The band was called L'Orchestre Super Vitesse and our repetoire was composed of diverse African musics. Here's us playing Bembeya Jazz National's tune "Alalake" featuring solos from Marques Carroll (tpt) and me (tenor - solo about 4:15). Recorded live to tape at Chicago's Coach House Sounds. Damn, we had fun. 

4) A Wayne Shorter tune recorded in the mists of time (2009, probably). This was recorded in Chicago with/for Deen Anbar (guitar) some years ago. As I recall, the band featured Greg Ward (alto), Stefan Czestochowski (drums), Cory Biggerstaff (bass); can't remember the pianist's name. (Solo at 0:52)