Chris Potter On Standards (PDF Download)

Chris Potter on Standards 2nd Edition

Ten Note-For-Note Transcriptions of Improvisations Over Standard and Standard-Style Tunes

First published in 2007, Chris Potter on Standards was the first collection of Potter transcriptions available. That first printing has sold out and I've been very happy to hear from saxophonists around the world that benefitted from studying it. Five years later, I've finally gotten around to fixing a few errors as well as switching out Potter's interpretation of Lotus Blossom from Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard with his chewy solo on Solar from Introducing Chris Potter*. The standard and standard-style tunes appearing in the book allow us to study Chris' fantastic improvisational style in a (mostly) familiar context which allows for easier application.

The 2nd Edition is 78 pages long and features an introduction, biography, and discography of the tunes transcribed. The transcriptions included are:
Solar from Introducing Chris Potter (alto)
You and the Night and the Music from Concentric Circles (alto)
Giant Steps from Concord Duo Series Vol. 10 (tenor)
The Source from Gratitude (tenor)
High Noon from Gratitude (tenor)
Body and Soul from Gratitude (bass clarinet or tenor)
Star Eyes from Gratitude (alto)
Children Go from Traveling Mercies (tenor)
7.5 from Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard (tenor)
Stella by Starlight from Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard (tenor)

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*Though his reading of Lotus Blossom was beautiful, the Solar improvisation offers much more material for study.

Reviews for Chris Potter On Standards

Finally, a book of transcriptions of one of the 21st Century’s most influential    saxophonists, Chris Potter. AJ has given us a glimpse into the mind of a great improviser. There’s an incredible wealth of study in these transcriptions and I and my students will have these to work on for years and years to come! Thanks for filling the void!
– Mark Colby, recording artist DePaul University/Elmhurst college

I've been working on transcribing a few Potter solos so i know first hand that it is an insane task and very time consuming. I just received the book today and am excited to look through it and work on some of the solos...Thanks AJ for the great book.
- Steve Neff, Saxophonist/Educator

I just wanted to reach out to you to say what a great book you've published in "Chris Potter On Standards". Your ability to transcribe his solo's is simply jaw-dropping to me!
I am really going to enjoy working from the book. One of my favorites Potter solos is "Migrations" from his "Traveling Mercies" album. Have you transcribed it?
Thanks you and best always!
- Matt Lilley, Saxophonist

Got your book this morning. I got to say, you did a freakin' great job on it. You are one meticulous dude!! I'm impressed!! Thank you so much for doing this and sharing with the rest of us mortals.
- Anibal Rojas - East Coast Saxophone/Woodwind Phenom

If you are into Chris Potter’s playing or have recently been listening to some of his C.D.’s, I would suggest you check out AJ’s book as a starting point. I believe this book will help the player understand what Potter is playing as well as a good reference if you are going to transcribe one of the tune’s yourself.

- Zach Sollitto - Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever.