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ALDRIC is an improvising collective featuring some of Chicago’s busiest musical improvisers.  Led by saxophonist AJ Kluth, ALDRIC borrows from jazz, rock, indie, world, and noise to make music that is by turns placid and smooth or aggressive and angular.  In addition to Kluth’s saxophone and melodica, the new album Anvils & Broken Bells features guitarist Toby Summerfield (Algernon, Crush Kill Destroy, Never Enough Hope), Trumpeter James Davis (Chicago Goes West, Zing!, Maurice), drummer Quin Kirchner (NOMO, Greg Ward Quartet, blink.) and bassist Dan Thatcher (Leaves, Leaf Bird).   ALDRIC incorporates acoustic and electronic elements and bears clear influence from contemporary luminaries Kneebody, Dave Douglas, and Bill Frisell in it’s penchant for melody, group improvisation, space, noise, and groove.

1 I Am Wearing a Velvet Jacket 7:49 [Kluth]
2 Bluebeard Believes 8:13 [Kluth]
3 Pauls on Pauls 7:33 [Kluth]
4 Saskatoon 7:17 [Kluth]
5 Trio Trois 7:38 [Davis]
6 Jerzy 6:27 [Kluth]
7 Chunkton 3:33 [Kluth]
8 Twilight 5:26 [Thatcher]
AJ KLUTH - tenor saxophone / melodica / effects
JAMES DAVIS - trumpet / effects
TOBY SUMMERFIELD - electric guitar / many buttons & knobs
DAN THATCHER - electric bass
QUIN KIRCHNER - drums & cymbals

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OA2 Records (OA2 22085)

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Saxophonist AJ Kluth's quintet presents a set of compositions by Kluth and the band's guitarist Nick Ascher as well as Chick Corea's "Litha" and Thom Yorke's "Atom for Peace." Reveling in the synergistic mystery of improvised music, the ajkQ clearly enjoys the unexpected discoveries of the creative process as they blend shades of jazz, folk, rock, and classical to create music that is simultaneously melodic yet esoteric, sparse yet dense, visceral yet cerebral, but always accessible and rooted in the jazz tradition.
1 Red 8:43 [Ascher]
2 Revolutions 8:45 [Ascher]
3 A Time, Times, and Half a Time 8:04 [Kluth]
4 Wi Fi? 7:57 [Kluth]
5 Quiet...then go 5:37 [Kluth]
6 Litha 6:28 [Corea]
7 Coliseum 7:13 [Ascher]
8 Sleeping 7:37 [Ascher]
9 Atoms for Peace 5:07 [Yorke]
AJ KLUTH - tenor / soprano saxophones
NICK ASCHER - electric guitar
SEAN MCCLUSKY - piano and fender rhodes
CORY BIGGERSTAFF - double bass
STEFAN CZESTOCHOWSKI - drums & cymbals

OA2 Records (OA2 22055)

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