• SINKEATER - "As Sweet As Sweet Can Be" (Thiele)

    AJ Kluth | Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
    Chili Corder | Electric Guitar
    Anthony Lopez | Drums
    Nashir Janmohamed | Upright Bass

    Recorded May 31, 2017 at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Recording Studio
    Seth von Paulus | Engineer
    Jose Carillo | Assistant Engineer

    Mixed in Los Angeles by Anthony Lopez at The Block of Joy and Andrew Keller at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Recording Studio‚Äč. Video courtesy of a broken Manhattan MTA screen circa 2012 found somewhere in the recesses of my laptop.

  • ASA Newsletter Contribution

    ASA Newsletter Contribution

    I’m happy to report that a short piece of mine called “Some Musical, Personal, and Theoretical Digressions Regarding ‘Music Without Handles’” appears in the most recent edition of the American Society for Aesthetics’ newsletter. First and foremost, this edition celebrates the work of the remarkable Peter Kivy. However, my contribution—while not explicitly related to Kivy’s work—details some of my current research into experimental music in Los Angeles, a few persistent questions it presents, and the methodologies I’m deploying to deal with them. Many thanks to David Goldblatt for the invitation to contribute! Download the newsletter at the ASA site or HERE

  • this is so the humanities...oh, and I moved to Germany

    Ever been to a humanities-oriented academic conference? For real, this video is EVERYTHING. Also, I'll be based in Erfurt, Germany for the next year or so. If you're coming through central Europe, come through. First round's on me.

    1. Andy Thiele writes good music...


    I'd been listening to Thiele's Lost Souls Club since it came out in 2008, so my Sink Eater project recorded a tune of his from that record called "As Sweet as Sweet Can Be". We overdubbed soprano and ran it through an old four track for some grit on the first half. I haven't been able to find his original version of the tune online, but here's a link to him performing "At Sunbeam Creek", inspired by a Henry Darger painting. How cool is that? Andy's living around Milwaukee and seems to be lying low for the time-being, but here's hoping he puts out some more music with better distribution soon - his stuff is great.