• Go to a rock show.

    Seriously. When's the last time you were crushed by people and an overly-loud PA system? For me it had been too long. Strangely enough, I ended up at The Roxy twice in the last two weeks to see DIIV and The Ex. Both were amazing and so, so different than the shows I have been attending the last few years. Namely, experimental music, harsh noise, and jazz shows.

    DIIV sounded like an hour's worth of all the best parts of The Cure songs and was loud as hell. All shoegazey and shiny and super 90s.

    Then, this last Friday night The Ex--a Dutch punk band that's been playing since 1979 and is super tight--featuring free jazz stalwart Ken Vandermark brought it hard.

    Rock shows. I'd forgotten. Don't let it happen to you.  

  • The Equal Ground really likes Music as Math

    Indie music album review site, The Equal Ground, really really likes Music as Math's I Think I May Have Had A Religious Experience. About my contributions, their reviewer, J. Simpson says (among other things)...

    The skeleton of their album I Think I May Have Had A Religious Experience is the intricate woodwinds of AJ Kluth. Kluth lays out his saxes and clarinets in an endless stream of post-Steve Reich/Terry Riley minimalism, like Tibetan sherpas weaving woolen mats of Modigliani patterns....


    What could've been a math rock mess is, instead, a masterpiece of passionate and imaginative homemade minimalism and sonic collage. Chicago is one of the spiritual hubs of what has come to be known as post-rock (one version of it anyway) and it seems to still be in the water. Groups like Tortoise and The Sea And Cake sought to combine non-Western polyrhythms with studio mastery, employing all manner of dub artifice along the way. Music As Math is continuing that commendable journey and taking it to the next level.  

    Thanks for the kind words, The Equal Ground. Much obliged. Download the record for free HERE.