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  • Dror Feiler's "Agitatorium"

    Dror Feiler's "Agitatorium"

    I had the pleasure of catching the wonderful Dror Feiler's "Agitatorium" at Betalevel last night. It was a smorgasbord of noise and political activism that, in its attempt to relate sonic disobedience to civil disobedience, name checked Jacques Lacan as much as it indicted global politics. Feiler is an Isreali-born Swedish citizen who is a lifer in the cause for social equity and has been using sound to do it for longer than I've been alive. RESPECT. Not all of the theoretical lines he drew througout the talk connected in a satisfying ending, but that didn't seem to matter. What did was the challenge he offered to his audience to work; not just for the arts and culture, but for the ways in which they and we are implicated in reproducing or breaking the status quo. I left with a lot to mull over and the feeling that I need to more intentionally connect to what's going on around me, that complaining never changed anything, and that if you're pissed off, you need to do something about it. Thanks for that timely reminder, Dror. 

    And many thanks to Andrew Choate, The Unwrinkled Ear, and Black Editions for bringing him to LA.